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​Who we are?

It is the school for teaching the horse  riding through the secure and proper ways based on scientifically arranged planning..


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Our Vision


Equestrian is a majestic sport since old time and is considered the sport of our fathers and ancestors that give us pride.. our  vison is the commitment to revive this sport according to a creative approach popular in Qatar and it is a part of our letter that we install in our children.


Our goals



  • Teach the True and studied basics of horse  riding.
  • Create a strong relationship between the trainee and the horse.
  • Develop leadership.
  • Install the love of co-operation and involvement.
  • Develop thinking and ambitions continuously during training and competition.
  • Develop courage and initiative.
  • Create a generation of horse riders on the local, regional and global level.  


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Step of registration and joining training




  • Future Riders administration office is located in Indoor Arena (Stand 5-6) at Qatar Equestrian Federation.
  • Ask the administrative coordinator about training and collect the registration application form.
  • Submit the application form with duly filled with the mandatory information, attachment and medical report signed by doctor.
  • The trainee will be contracted by the administration office when application form is been approved.


Including the management of Future Riders.

Administration Department:-

Our Administration Department welcomes and registers the new members and answer the enquires about the training, joining the training and horse request by the secretariat and reply to all your queries.

Training Department:-

The Department is included of skilled and long period experienced trainers in this field and those who help the trainers to care the horses before, during  and after training.


  • Indoor and outdoor training field.
  • Specially Trained Horses of Riding for all ages.
  • Provide Horses for Government Agencies, companies and individuals.



  • Train the target group from the age of 8 years old to 16 year old maximum for 7-3 years training.
  • As we welcome the personal participation above 16 years old (Tow Types)
    • Monthly Private​ lessons.
    • Private Lessons (special) Monthly or Hourly.

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